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Name under which Norwegian musician Geir Jenssen (1962-    ) records. Biosphere's atmospheric and spacious ambient albums have strong sf content and often include specific samples from sf films. A space-exploration theme links the albums Microgravity (1993), Patashnik (1994), whose title is Russian Cosmonaut slang for a person lost in space, and Shenzhou (2002), named for the Chinese orbital craft. Autour de la Lune (2004) is a lengthy, minimalist version of Jules Verne's moon-flight novel (first translated into English as From the Earth to the Moon, Passage Direct in 97 Hours and 20 Minutes 1869), mostly characterized by a number of harmonic bass drones and long-held horn notes, remarkably effective at conveying the sense of travel through deep space. [AR]

see also: Norway.

Geir Jenssen

born Tromsø, Norway: 30 May 1962

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