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Bluejay Books

US publishing house founded by James R Frenkel, who had previously been the editor of Dell's sf line. Bluejay Books began publishing in 1983, its books being distributed by St Martin's Press. Among its titles were Gardner Dozois's best-of-the-year anthologies (see Anthologies), books by Frenkel's wife Joan D Vinge, Dan Simmons's first novel Song of Kali (1985), Patti Perret's book of photographic studies The Faces of Science Fiction (1984) and Greg Bear's Eon (1985). Other authors included Jack Dann, K W Jeter, Nancy Kress, Rudy Rucker, Theodore Sturgeon, Vernor Vinge, Connie Willis and Timothy Zahn. It was a strong list, concentrating on hardcovers and trade paperbacks, with over 50 new sf, fantasy and horror titles as well as a number of reprints published during the company's short life; but this attempt of a small specialist publisher to enter the mass-marketing field, traditionally difficult especially as regards distribution, was apparently undercapitalized. Bluejay Books ceased trading in 1986. [PN]

Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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