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Boie, Kirsten

(1950-    ) German teacher and author, active from 1985 in the production of tales mostly for younger children, often assembled in series, little of her early work translated into English. She is of some interest for the Skogland sequence beginning with Skogland (2005; trans David Henry Wilson as The Princess Plot 2009), a Ruritanian tale whose impostor princess wants romance. Boie is of greater sf interest for Alhambra (2007; trans David Henry Wilson as No Escape from the Alhambra 2022), a Young Adult Time Travel tale whose protagonist, caught in the Spanish Inquisition circa 1492, must attempt to escape back through a time gate to a safer present day, a quest involving his gaining passage to what would become known as America. The portrait of life in the fifteenth century benefits from very competent research. [JC]

Kirsten Boie

born Hamburg, Germany: 19 March 1950

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