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Bredenberg, Jeff

(1953-2010) US author known in the sf field primarily for his Dream Compass sequence of Post-Holocaust novels, comprising The Dream Compass (1991) and The Dream Vessel (1992). Though the venue is not innovatory – in a continent named Merqua [ie America], a geriatric "Monitor" attempts to stifle the young, who wish to be permitted to read again; and a rebel band escapes to a more enlightened Island culture, from which new worlds of hope may lie in the offing – Bredenberg conveys his story with aphoristic swiftness. His third novel, The Man in the Moon Must Die (1993), a singleton, is a Matter Transmission tale, in which the original version of a man duplicated in error is hunted down as being legally dead. After some short stories, Bredenberg turned to nonfiction. [JC]

Jeffrey Ellis Bredenberg

born Raleigh, North Carolina: 26 November 1953

died Oreland, Pennsylvania: 2 March 2010



Dream Compass

individual titles


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