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Byrne, Eugene

(1959-    ) Irish-born UK author whose first sf publication was "In the Air" for Interzone in January 1991 with Kim Newman, with whom he collaborated on other short fiction and on his first novel (see Kim Newman for discussion). He has also written under the name Myles Burnham (see Games Workshop). His first solo novel, ThiGMOO (June 1997 Interzone as "Thigmoo"; exp 1999), though not (unlike most of his collaborative work) technically an Alternate History tale, generates a similar sense of almost lubricious dislocation by a plot in which AIs manifest themselves in the guise of various historical characters; the gonzo Equipoise games of Things Unborn (2001) – a genuine Alternate History in which the dead are reborn because of a 1962 war or through the will of a god – have a similar effect, as the reborn jaggedly, and to strong Satirical effect, take over the running of a decrepit Britain. [JC]

Eugene Byrne

born Waterford, Eire: 1959



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