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Caunter, C F

(1899-1988) UK aviator (he was a pilot with the Royal Air force in World War One), scholar and author of popular engineering texts from 1920; he also worked as an electrical engineer. The distressed protagonist of his one published sf novel, Madness Opens the Door (1932), is taken via Matter Transmitter first to the Moon and thence through interstellar space to an entirely new planet circling Alpha Centauri, where he fatally encounters creatures evocative of those found in much Prehistoric SF. From the late 1940s until 1959, Caunter was Assistant Keeper of Road Transport for the Science Museum, London, and as an expert on the "light car" – that is, cars with engines of less than 1600cc – published several late books on this category of vehicle. A short film about him, Full Circle, was released by the Film Board of Canada in 1979. [JC]

Cyril Francis Caunter

born Ilford, Essex: 22 March 1899

died Canada: 10 April 1988



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