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Ciencin, Scott

(1962-    ) US author and Comics writer who has published as by Richard Awlinson and as by Nick Baron as well as under his own name. Much of Ciencin's sizeable output is Fantasy, chiefly Ties to Shared World enterprises (such as Forgotten Realms, titles not listed below, where the Awlinson name was used). Tied franchises of direct sf interest to which he has contributed include the Alternate World of James Gurney's Dinotopia Digest, the Superhero Comics-based Gen13, Godzilla spinoffs for younger readers, Jurassic Park Adventures tied to Jurassic Park III (2001) (see Jurassic Park) – again for younger readers – Robert Silverberg's Robert Silverberg's Time Tours (here writing as by Nick Baron) and Transformers.

In Ciencin's Young Adult Dinoverse sequence – beginning with Dinoverse (1999; vt I Was a Teenage T. Rex 2000) – a high-school science fair Invention combines Timeslip and Identity Transfer effects, sending teenagers' minds millions of years back into prehistory for light-hearted adventures in the borrowed bodies of assorted Dinosaurs. [DRL/JC]

Malcolm Scott Ciencin

born 1 September 1962

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Robert Silverberg's Time Tours

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Transformers: War Against the Keepers


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