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Clarke, J Brian

(1928-2022) UK-born Canadian author, a fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, who began publishing sf with "Artifact" in Analog for June 1969. The nine stories in the Expediter sequence, beginning with "The Expediter" (February 1984 Analog), have been more influential, and culminate in The Expediter (fixup 1990), which assimilates some of the earlier material in an overview presentation of an exceedingly optimistic Uplift scenario, the tale being narrated by the Overmind charged with the task of breeding up other species to scratch. Clarke's more recent work has also appeared mostly in Analog, including "Return of the Alphanauts" (August 1990 Analog) and five further stories that make up his second novel, Alphanauts (fixup 2006), about spacegoing humans who cannot return to Earth because they have, in a sense, become allergic to their home planet, and must continue as colonists of Alpha Centauri (see Colonization of Other Worlds). [JC]

James Brian Clarke

born Birmingham, England: 23 May 1928

died Calgary, Alberta: 17 January 2022



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