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Collins, Warwick

(1948-2013) South African-born UK biologist and author, mostly of Technothrillers like the Challenge sequence of Near Future adventures set mainly at sea and comprising Challenge (1990), New World (1991) and Death of an Angel (1993). Of greater sf interest is Computer One (1993; with new intro 1998), whose depiction of a Computer-run world, inhabited by humans too much at leisure, gives off early hints of the tangle of motifs now common in tales depicting the imminence of the Singularity. The novel then moves into conspiracy plotting, and features a controversial, truth-telling speech by its protagonist which might remind some readers of Collins's public utterances diverging with the theory of Evolution through natural selection. His F-Woman (2009), a Superhero spoof set in Los Angeles (see California) and featuring a Feminist vigilante who tracks and punishes male offenders against women, first appeared in French and German translations as Fuckwoman (2002). [JC/DRL]

Warwick Collins

born Johannesburg, South Africa: 14 December 1948

died 10 February 2013




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