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Curties, Henry

(1860-1928) UK author, who sometimes wrote as Captain Henry Curties; his first sf novel, Tears of Angels (1907), features its protagonist's conveyance to Alpha Centauri on an angel, who is perhaps weeping; from the star he gains a perspective on Earth, then returns home to find himself in an Alternate-History version of the future. Out of the Shadows (1908) is a detection with occult elements; When England Slept (1909) is a Future War tale in which Germany occupies London – the conflict being described with some vividness – but is eventually defeated; A Queen's Error (1911) involves a Ruritanian Duke in a plot to defraud the South American country of Aquazilia. [JC]

Captain [later Lieutenant-Colonel] Henry Curties

born London: 2 February 1860

died King's Lynn, Norfolk: 28 July 1928



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