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Curval, Philippe

Pseudonym used by French author and journalist Philippe Tronche (1929-    ). Curval has since the 1950s been associated with the growth of sf in France as bookseller, magazine editor, photographer, chronicler and author. He is a fine stylist whose work, though often they are couched as Satires, is exemplified by a sensual, poetic mood and great affection for his characters. He has written over thirty stories, the first appearing in 1955. Cette Chère Humanité (1976; trans by Steve Cox as Brave Old World 1981), which won the 1977 Prix Apollo (see Awards), examines the effects of lifespan extension (through the Invention of "slow-time") upon an EEC isolated for decades behind an artificial barrier. Le ressac de l'espace ["The Breakers of Space"] (1962) won the Prix Jules Verne in 1963 and L'homme à rebours ["Backwards Man"] (1974) was selected as Best French SF Novel of 1974. [MJ/JC]

see also: France.

Philippe Tronche

born Paris, France: 27 December 1929


works as editor


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