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Davis, Gerry

(1930-1991) UK author, primarily for television, who collaborated with Kit Pedler in the creation of the menacing Cybermen for the Doctor Who storyline The Tenth Planet; these inimical Cyborgs became one of the series' most popular recurring foes. Davis was involved with fifteen Doctor Who episodes between 1966 and 1975, all of them concerning the Cybermen. Though his five Doctor Who Ties (the last in collaboration with Alison Bingeman) were not written with Pedler, the two did collaborate on two sf tales derived from the Doomwatch television series about imminent Ecological risks to humanity, which Davis had originated and both collaborated on: Mutant 59: The Plastic-Eater (1971) and Doomwatch: The World in Danger (fixup 1975 chap). They also wrote together two singleton sf novels, Brainrack (1974) and The Dynostar Menace (1975), both of which share with their famous series a sense that the Near Future will be a time of Disaster. [JC]

see also: Genetic Engineering; Pollution.

Gerry Davis

born London: 23 February 1930

died Venice, California: 31 August 1991




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