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de Chair, Somerset

(1911-1995) UK Conservative politician, first elected to Parliament in 1934; his career ended in 1950 after a succession of (heterosexual) scandals. At the start of his long writing career, he published two tracts, The Impending Storm (1930), which predicted World War Two, and Divided Europe (1931), which predicted a Communist takeover of Eastern Europe; Peter Public: A Play in Three Acts (1932) as by the Hon Member for X places some of these speculations into a Near Future context. His sf novels, Red Tie in the Morning (1937) and The Teetotalitarian State (1947), are not particularly bad-tempered Satires on the Labour Party, the second set again in the Near Future. The contemporary researcher obsessed by the life of Julian, in Bring Back the Gods: The Epic Career of the Emperor Julian the Great (1962), eventually comes to share the experiences of the Roman. [JC]

Somerset Struben de Chair

born Sunningdale, Berkshire: 22 August 1911

died Antigua: 5 January 1995



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