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Dean, Roger

(1944-    ) UK illustrator. He has worked primarily a commercial designer, especially of posters and record-album covers, which show a strong Fantasy influence; his best-known works in this area are undoubtedly his album covers for the rock group Yes, and he has also done covers for Videogames. On a few occasions he has produced sf and fantasy Illustration, displaying a style that is strong, romantic and mannered; he typically contrasts very finely detailed figures and machines against expansive pastel backgrounds. His book Views (1975), showing his development from a student at the Canterbury School of Art onwards, was published by Dragon's Dream, a specialist publishing house devoted primarily to UK fantasy illustrators founded by Dean and his brother Martyn Dean; it also published under the Paper Tiger imprint. The brothers later sold the company, but remained involved in its productions.

Dean has co-edited two art books: The Flights of Icarus (1977), with Martyn Dean, which is made up of a long poem by Donald Lehmkuhl along with the works of 32 fantasy artists; and Magnetic Storm (1984) with Martyn Dean, which details many of the design and publishing projects – often fantastic or science-fictional – that the brothers have been associated with. The hard-to-find Curved Space (1994), and the more accessible Dragon's Dream (2008), offer further examples of Dean's artwork, and his album covers have been featured in several folios. Dean also collaborated with Colin Greenland on a short story, "Radical Architecture" (Winter 1983 Interzone), and he wrote the introduction to Jeffrey Jones's Age of Innocence: The Romantic Art of Jeffrey Jones (1994). More recently, he has focused his attention on innovative architecture, seeking to promote the construction of new and better sorts of homes. Despite his relatively small output in this area, Dean has been an important influence on UK fantasy illustration, as has his brother, who is more closely associated with book publishing than Dean. [JG/PN/GW]

Roger Dean

born Ashford, Kent: 31 August 1944



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