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Deutsch, A J

(1918-1969) US astronomer – after whom the crater Deutsch on the far side of the Moon is named – and author of the single much-anthologized story "A Subway Named Möbius" (December 1950 Astounding). Here the eponymous Transportation system – the Boston MTA (as it then was) Underground railway – develops such a high degree of topological complexity (see Mathematics) that trains become lost in convoluted Dimensions, leading to Timeslip effects. The story was well enough remembered after half a century to be shortlisted for a Retro Hugo in 2001, though it failed to win.

A Cinema adaptation made and set in Argentina is Moebius (1996) directed by Gustavo Mosquera R. [DRL]

Armin Joseph Deutsch

born 25 January 1918

died Los Angeles, California: 11 November 1969


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