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Dille, Flint

(1955-    ) US author, a member of the Dille family that owns the Buck Rogers copyright (see Buck Rogers in the 25th Century), and author of a few Buck Rogers stories like "The Relic" and "Armageddon 1995", which appear in his anonymously edited anthology, Buck Rogers: Arrival (anth 1989). He is also responsible for the Agent 13, The Midnight Avenger sequence beginning with Agent 13: The Invisible Empire (1986) with David Marconi; the Sagard the Barbarian Gamebooks, beginning with The Ice Dragon (1985) with Gary Gygax, are fantasy. [JC]

see also: Buck Rogers XXVC.

Robert Nichols Flint Dille

born Chicago, Illinois: 3 November 1955



Sagard the Barbarian

Agent 13, The Midnight Avenger

works as editor


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