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Divya, S B

(?   -    ) Indian-born engineer, editor, anthologist and author, in America since the age of five, who has also worked as by Divya Breed; she began to publish work of genre interest with "Strange Attractors" in Daily Science Fiction for June 2014, assembling this tale with a wide range of other work, mostly set in high-tech Near Future worlds, as Contingency Plans for the Apocalypse and Other Possible Situations (coll 2019). Runtime (2016), a novella, exhilarating describes a race across Californian mountains known as the Minerva Sierra Challenge, which involves humans with augments .

Divya's first novel, Machinehood (2021), set in a moderately distant Near Future Dystopian 2095, complexly presents and speculates upon a highly evolved (or devolved) gig economy culture (see Economics), where humans, Cyborgs and AI-controlled Robots compete, under constant surveillance, for evanescent "work". The underground group known as Machinehood threatens the fragile workings of this essentially imbalanced system through its demands for universal autonomy for all kinds of Intelligence (see also Cybernetics).

Escape Pod (anth 2020) with Mur Lafferty assembles material from the podcast of that name (see Audiozine). [JC]

Divya Srinivasan Breed [born Divya Srinivasan]

born Pondicherry, India: circa 1976


collections and stories

works as editor


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