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Dr Yen Sin

US Pulp magazine, three bimonthly issues, May/June-September/October 1936. Published by Popular Publications; edited by Edythe Seims working to Rogers Terrill. Dr Yen Sin was a follow-up to an earlier Popular title, The Mysterious Wu Fang, itself intended to capitalize on the popularity of Sax Rohmer's Dr Fu-Manchu; in fact the cover of #1 had originally been painted for the previous title. All issues featured lead novels by Donald E Keyhoe. Yen Sin was another conventional Yellow-Peril supervillain in the Fu Manchu mould, intent on world conquest with the aid of superscience. His opponent, Michael Traile, had been accidentally deprived of the ability to sleep, so read a lot. Keyhoe's lead novel for #1 was reprinted by Robert E Weinberg as Pulp Classics #9: Dr. Yen Sin: The Mystery of the Dragon's Shadow (1975). [MJE/PN/DRL]


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