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Duff, Charles

(1894-1966) Irish translator and author who served as a press officer in World War One; his sf play, Mind Products Limited: A Melodrama of the Future in Three Acts and an Epilogue (1932 Netherlands), though breezily deprecatory of the 1960 world it depicts, introduces an inventive range of extrapolatory material, including mind control (and X-ray vision) through Drugs, carplanes and television phones, all contributing to a Čapek-like vision of totalitarianism in a world gone – subversively – mad. Anthropological Report on a London Suburb (1935) as by Professor Vladimir Chernichewski, a non-sf Satire, resembles later archaeological sf (see Ruins and Futurity) insofar as it regards "us ... as if were we primitive inhabitants of a Polynesian island". [JC]

Charles St Lawrence Duff

born Enniskillen, Ireland: 7 April 1894

died 15 October 1966



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