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Early Edition

US tv series (1996-2000). Tristar Television and Sony International Television for CBS. Created by Ian Abrams, Patrick Q Page and Vik Rubenfeld. Executive producers include Bob Brush, Lillah McCarthy and Jeff Melvoin. Directors included Mel Damski, Gary Nelson, Scott Paulin and James Quinn. Writers include Patrick Sean Clark, Carla Kentner, Jeff Melvoin and Alex Taub. Cast includes Kyle Chandler, Shanesia Davis, Fisher Stevens and Billy Worley. 90 41-minute episodes. Colour.

Gary Hobson (Chandler) is a young stockbroker – later a bar owner – who becomes the recipient of an unasked-for and unexplained gift. Every morning, wherever he happens to be, he finds an orange cat outside his door with a copy of the next day's newspaper. He is therefore given a glimpse of the immediate future (see Precognition) and the opportunity to prevent the next day's tragic events. When he intervenes, he alters the timeline (see Jonbar Point) and the articles describing the relevant events change or disappear. The future newspapers present him with challenges and moral dilemmas as he struggles to avert deaths, explosions, fires, and other upcoming events. He is often advised by blind co-worker Marissa Clark (Davis). In the early episodes, his pushy co-worker Chuck (Stevens) attempts to profit from this knowledge of the immediate future. While the rationale is never fully explained, it is revealed in later episodes that there is a group of mysterious people behind the delivery of the papers, that there are others who have also been given this gift, and that the gift can be transferred from one person to another. This Television series was filmed and set in Chicago. [LW]


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