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Ellik, Ron

(1938-1968) US computer programmer, author and well-known sf fan, co-editor with Terry Carr of a Hugo-winning Fanzine, Fanac (1958-1961). Ellik was co-author of The Universes of E.E. Smith (1966) with Bill Evans. Most of the book is a concordance of themes, characters, locations, Terminology and so on, though there is some critical content. Evans dealt with the Skylark series and Ellik – at much greater length – with the Lensman books. Under the joint pseudonym Fredric Davies he wrote The Man From U.N.C.L.E. #14: The Cross of Gold Affair (1968) with Steve Tolliver. Ellik died in a car accident the day before he was to have been married. [PN/DRL]

see also: Fan Funds.

Ronald Davis Ellik

born Los Angeles, California: 28 September 1938

died 27 January 1968




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