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Elliott, H Chandler

(1906-1978) Canadian-born physician, university teacher of medicine and author, in the US for many years; he began publishing work of genre interest with "Inanimate Objection" in Galaxy for February 1954. In his sf novel, Reprieve from Paradise (1955), Polynesians have survived an atomic World War Three, and forty centuries after their shocked discovery of the Post-Holocaust world, they have created a worldwide Dystopia plagued by Overpopulation, thanks to a rigid breeding plan. This world is described in sometimes amusing detail, but is destabilized, in the nick of time, by a second group of survivors, who have created their own, nuclear-powered Utopia in the Antarctic. Elliott was an awkward stylist, but his one novel is convincingly driven by its arguments and the passions of its cast, and his last story, "A Day on Death Highway" (October 1963 Galaxy), is a blunt Satire on the future of Transportation. [JC]

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Harry Chandler Elliott

born Toronto, Ontario: 26 August 1906

died 1978



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