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Epi-Log Magazine

US letter-size Television Semiprozine. Published by Star*Tech Publications. Publisher and editor: William Anchor. Originally saddle-stapled on cheap newsprint, the format switched to perfect-bound on glossy paper in 1992 and remained thus to the end. 44 issues, 1990 to 1994. Publication schedule varied between monthly and bimonthly.

This magazine of episode guides, subtitled "The Magazine of Television Science Fiction, Fantasy and Adventure", focused on UK and US sf, Fantasy and Horror programmes, both animated and live-action; various adventure productions were also covered. Some examples of series examined are The Invaders (1966-1967), The Man from Atlantis (1977-1978), The Time Tunnel (1967-1968), Quark (1977-1978) and UFO (1970-1973), among many others. The episode guides, many of them highly detailed, were often written by Anchor himself based on his vast collection of off-the-air video recordings. Two companion titles were Epi-Log Journal with seventeen issues 1992-1994 and Epi-Log Special with eight issues 1992-1993; both were identical in format to the parent magazine, though Epi-Log Special often had more pages. The contemporary importance of such publications is difficult to overstate, episode guides being rare in the pre-internet era despite occasional examples Starlog and elsewhere. [GSt/DRL]

see also: Media Magazines.

Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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