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Evans, Gerald

(1910-1986) Welsh telecommunications worker and author, who began publishing sf with "Pebbles of Dread" for Thrilling Wonder Stories in August 1940, and who wrote one sf adventure, The Black Sphere (1952) as by Victor La Salle, a House Name. A later collection, Shadows in Landore: The Collected Stories of Gerald Evans, Volume 1 (coll 1979 chap), was self-published; no further volumes have appeared. As the Co-ordinator for the Life Extension Society he wrote the Cryonics article "Freeze, Wait, Re-animate" (November 1966 Nature). [SH]

see also: Swan Yankee Magazine.

Gerald Evans

born Fforestfach, Swansea, Wales: 25 May 1910

died 1986



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