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Falk, Henri

Working name of French author Henri Falque (1881-1937), who wrote some long stories of sf interest, two of them contained in Le Cadre volé ["The Stolen Frame"] (coll 1910), one comprising L'Age de Plomb (circa 1922), both vols trans Brian Stableford as The Age of Lead and Other Fantastic Romances (omni 2010). "L'Etonnante aventure de Sébastien Philipot" (here trans as"The Astonishing Adventure of Sébastien Philipot") from the first collection involves Identity Transfer through mesmerism; in "Le Maître des trois états" (here trans as "The Master of the Three States") (1917 Mercure de France), a Mad Scientist invents a machine to transfigure human beings into creatures of liquid or gas; and in L'Age de Plomb (here trans as The Age of Lead) the Sun begins to emit gamma rays, making lead very valuable. The tone throughout is playful, with touches of almost surrealist Satire. [JC]

Henri Falque

born Neuilly-sur-Seine, Seine, France: 19 August 1881

died Paris: 1937



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