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Finn, Ralph L

(1912-1999) UK author and journalist who published widely, collecting some of his short fiction as Collected Stories of Ralph L Finn (coll 1946 chap); in his notes on "This Sorry Scheme" (magazine publication undated), George Locke suggests that the tale prefigures Jack Finney's far more complex Time and Again (1970). Of some sf interest are three novels based on the time theories of J W Dunne: The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet (1948), Twenty-Seven Stairs (1949) and Time Marches Sideways (1950), the latter a love story set in London. Freaks against Supermen (1950) and Captive on the Flying Saucers (1951), both conventional sf stories, gain some interest from their mild erotic content. [JC]

see also: Ralph Straus; Time Travel.

Ralph Leslie Finn

born London: 17 January 1912

died [registered] Hillingdon, London: November 1999



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