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Foy, George

(1952-    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Hellbike" (in Masters of Hell, anth 1987, ed Janet Morris et al). His earlier novels are not fantastic, but his Shift sequence – comprising The Shift (1996), Contraband (1997), The Memory of Fire (2000) and The Last Harbor (2000) – moves from its Near Future Cyberpunk-inflected initial setting – which includes a Virtual Reality Alternate History version of 1850s New York – into a cognitively-darker depiction of the world to come in Dystopian terms: for the alliance between right-wing governments and international corporations turns out to have a biological base. Global capitalism is monstrous because international corporations are, literally, Monsters. [JC]

George Michaelsen Foy

born Barnstable, Massachusetts: 14 December 1952





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