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Frame, Janet

(1924-2004) New Zealand author, best known for her non-fantastic work; some of her stories – especially those assembled in Snowman, Snowman: Fables and Fantasies (coll 1963) and You Are Now Entering the Human Heart (coll 1983) – are fantasy. The most intense of her several novels explore the world through the telling Perceptions of protagonists categorized as psychiatrically disturbed, situations frequently described in terms that utilize the languages of the fantastic, though normally without an Equipoisal sense that various reality levels may be, in reality, mutually transgressive. Intensive Care (1970) is told in part through the eyes of a young woman defined as mentally deficient in a twenty-first-century Post-Holocaust New Zealand where those so described are killed after being defined as non-human and experimented upon. The Carpathians (1988) is a fantasy set in an imaginary country unfixed in time or place, seemingly generated by a "memory flower", and inhabited by visitants. [JC]

Janet Patterson Frame

born Dunedin, New Zealand: 28 August 1924

died Dunedin, New Zealand: 29 January 2004



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