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Full Thrust

Miniature models based Wargame (1991). Ground Zero Games (GZG). Designed by Jon Tuffley.

Full Thrust is a set of rules for space combat with miniature models. The design favours entertaining gameplay over realistic simulation; all movement is in two dimensions and ships can only accelerate "forwards", in the direction they are facing. The result is a fast-moving, enjoyable game which seems only half real. Hard science is used for such elements as particle accelerator weapons, but sacrificed for simplicity and intuitive clarity whenever it would make the game slow to play or hard to understand. Full Thrust is commonly played as a tactical game of ship-to-ship combat using prepared scenarios, but rules for a strategic campaign on a two-dimensional galactic map are included. Players are encouraged to use any spacecraft models they find appealing and create ship designs appropriate for their own choice of background. However, an optional setting is supplied with the game, a Military SF future in which human and alien civilizations compete to dominate the galaxy. Interestingly, the milieu largely replicates the Great Powers politics of the 1920s, to the extent of including a resurrected British Empire, a Chinese-Russian Communist Union and competing French and German dominated European factions, as well as exotic alien races.

Related works: More Thrust (1993 GZG), Full Thrust: Fleet Book Vol. 1 (1998 GZG) and Full Thrust: Fleet Book Vol. 2 (2000 GZG), all designed by Jon Tuffley, are expansions for Full Thrust. Stargrunt II (1996 GZG) designed by Jon Tuffley and Dirtside II (1993 GZG) designed by Jon Tuffley, Mike Elliott are rules for sf ground combat using miniatures, dealing respectively with infantry and armoured vehicles; both contain optional sections integrating them with the Full Thrust milieu. [NT]


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