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Fuller, Alvarado M

(1851-1924) US inventor, "Indian fighter" and author whose sf novel, A.D. 2000 (1890; vt Back to Life (A.D. 2000): A Thrilling Novel 1911), wakes its protagonist (see Sleeper Awakes) in the Utopian culture of the year 2000, significantly the same year that the protagonist of Edward Bellamy's already hugely influential Looking Backward (1888) awakens. A single party rules North America, and electrical inventions (after a great disaster with "aluminum bronze", electricity has become the chief source of power) dominate the exiguous storyline, which does come to a climax with the discovery of the North Pole. [JC]

Lieutenant Alvarado Mortimer Fuller

born Providence, Rhode Island: 1851

died Topeka, Kansas: January 1924



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