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Fusion Fragment

Canadian Online Magazine, first series low-paying, published by Apodis Publishing, Ottawa, and edited by Cavan Terrill. Its first issue was in March 2007 and it has appeared on roughly a quarterly schedule since then. It is one of the few webzines which states categorically that it only wants science fiction, and has no interest in fantasy or horror, although its sf tastes tend to the extreme, with preferences for Cyberpunk and Slipstream. Most of its fiction has been by promising hopefuls, although some of the better known names include Frederick Obermeyer, whose "Tense Caste" (December 2008 #7) develops a new form of ostracism, Matthew Sanborn Smith whose "For the Love of Ceelie" (May 2009 #9) concerns a virus that attacks all digital mechanisms, and Ian Whates whose "One Night in London" (July 2007 #2) concerns a Cyborg soldier's attempts to reintegrate into society. The majority of stories depict future Dystopias and offer a depressing outlook on society.

The first series ceased after nineteen issues in September 2012. It was revived in May 2020 as a bimonthly, paying semi-professional rates. Its editorial requirements remained the same. These issues could be downloaded for free as a PDF or bought as an expensive Print Magazine. [MA]


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