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Gutteridge, Lindsay

(1923-2007) UK author, commercial artist and art teacher. His sf series featuring Matthew DilkeCold War in a Country Garden (1971), Killer Pine (1973) and Fratricide Is a Gas (1975) – calls upon themes from espionage to Ecology to buttress far-fetched tales of a government agent Miniaturized with some companions (see Great and Small) to test the chances of counteracting Overpopulation by resettling the world – the last volume is set in the jungles of Peru – with a miniaturized mankind having a typical height of one-quarter of an inch (6mm). [JC/DRL]

Thomas Gordon Lindsay Gutteridge

born Easington, County Durham: 20 May 1923

died Downham Market, Norfolk: 28 May 2007



Matthew Dilke


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