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Hadrosaur Tales

US low-paying Semiprozine published by Hadrosaur Productions, Las Cruces, New Mexico, edited by David Lee Summers. It ran for 21 undated issues from October 1995 to December 2004. Hadrosaur Productions had been set up by Kumie Wise while at the University of Arizona in order to present audio productions of science fiction and fantasy stories. When the company moved to New Mexico, David Summers joined them as editor of a new magazine, Hadrosaur Tales, seen by the publisher as an occasional anthology series. It was produced as a neat digest paperback and initially issues were designated as volumes until it settled to a comparatively more regular publishing schedule in 2001, though issues were always erratic. Hadrosaur had a simplicity that kept it as an evident Amateur Magazine, but one with a determination to present good material. The first issue called itself a "Review of Literary Science Fiction", setting its standards high. The fiction in that issue was written entirely by scientists including William Grother – who served as the magazine's publisher – with a novelette, "Mr. Time". Hadrosaur enjoyed the enigmatic – both D F Lewis and Rhys Hughes contributed – but the emphasis remained on solid sf and issues were sometimes themed. Issue #5 (August 1998) focused on Time, issue #10 (August 2001) on voyages of Discovery, and issue #16 (June 2003) was a "What If?" special. Contributors included Neal Asher, Keith Allen Daniels, J Alan Erwine, Tim Lebbon and Uncle River. After issue #21 the magazine relaunched itself as Tales of the Talisman. [MA]


Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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