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Hall, Desmond W

(1911-1992) Australian-born New Zealand author and editor, in US from early adulthood; he served as assistant editor of Astounding Stories of Super Science (see Astounding Science-Fiction) under Harry Bates 1930-1933, also collaborating with Bates as a writer under the pseudonyms H G Winter and, more famously, Anthony Gilmore; as Gilmore they produced the popular Hawk Carse series, which reached book form as Space Hawk: The Greatest of Interplanetary Adventures (November 1931-November 1932 Astounding and July 1942 Amazing; coll of linked stories 1952). Hall also wrote some stories under his own name, his first work of genre interest being "Werewolves of War" for Astounding in February 1931, as well as two stories as by Ainslee Jenkins. After F Orlin Tremaine took over from Bates, Hall continued as assistant editor for about a year before being promoted to the editorship of the magazine Mademoiselle. In "Gold on Gold" (in What Will They Think of Last?, coll 1976), H L Gold claimed (not entirely persuasively) that it was Hall rather than Tremaine who actually ran Astounding. [MJE/JC]

Desmond Winter Hall

born Sydney, New South Wales: 15 March 1911

died New York: 2 November 1992



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