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Hull, E Mayne

(1905-1975) Canadian author, in the US from about 1944, married from 1939 until her death to A E van Vogt, who collaborated with her on most of her work, either in its original magazine form or by expanding it for book publication; she was born Edna May Hull, becoming Edna May Vogt on marriage and legally changing this to Edna Mayne van Vogt in the process of her and her husband's application for US citizenship in 1945. She began publishing sf with "The Flight that Failed" for Astounding in December 1942, and made her greatest impact with the Artur Blord series, later assembled by van Vogt as Planets for Sale (stories April 1943-August 1946 Astounding; fixup 1954) with Hull alone credited; the 1965 edition credits both authors; and with the magazine version of The Winged Man (May-June 1944 Astounding as by Hull alone; exp by van Vogt 1966 with both authors credited). The stories assembled in Out of the Unknown (anth 1948; exp 1969; vt The Sea Thing and Other Stories: Science Fiction 1970) were credited to Hull and van Vogt, each writing three of the six, according to the original bylines. Hull ceased writing sf and fantasy – or (as has been suggested) her husband stopped using her name for marketing reasons – when she became involved in Dianetics. It will probably never be established with security whether Out of the Unknown is an anthology or a collection. [JC]

see also: Poisons.

Edna Mayne van Vogt, born Edna May Hull

born Brandon, Manitoba: 1 May 1905

died Hollywood, California: 20 January 1975



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