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Hull, Elizabeth Anne

Working name of Elizabeth Ann Hull (1937-2021), US academic and critic who taught English for more than 30 years at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, and remained a Professor Emerita of that institution; married to Frederik Pohl from 1984 until his death. She was long active in the Science Fiction Research Association, editing its SFRA Newsletter 1981-1984 and serving as president 1989-1990, and receiving the SFRA's Thomas D Clareson Award in 1998. Her critical essays and other nonfiction works, sometimes as Elizabeth A Hull, appeared in Extrapolation, Destinies, Fantasy Review, Locus (her most frequent venue, including various event/Convention reports) and critical and other Anthologies. A small number of story publications began with "Author Plus" (July 1981 Asimov's) with Frederik Pohl. With Pohl she co-edited the international showcase anthology Tales from the Planet Earth (anth 1986) under the aegis of World SF, and alone edited the Pohl festschrift Gateways: Original New Stories Inspired by Frederik Pohl (anth 2010). She also organized the academic programme track for the 2012 Chicago Worldcon. [DRL]

Elizabeth Ann Hull

born Upper Darby, Pennsylvania: 10 January 1937

died 3 August 2021

works as editor


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