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Island City

Made-for-tv film (1994). Lee Rich Productions in association with Lorimar Television for the WB TV Network. Directed by Jorge Montesi. Screenplay by Jonathan Glassner. Cast includes Kevin Conroy, Brenda Strong. 95 minutes. Colour.

In a Near Future afflicted by Climate Change and other devastations, a Drug intended to provide Rejuvenation and near-Immortality has the unforeseen side-effect of causing most of those who take it to transform into violent Mutants (see Devolution). The titular Keep-like City, actually located in a desert region, is one of the few surviving enclaves of civilization left after this disaster. This city possesses advanced Technology including Matter Transmission portals for commuters, and access via goggles to Virtual Reality. All residents must wear a crystal implanted in their necks at birth, whose colour signifies genetic compatibility with potential mates in order to prevent further mutation [for Colour Coding see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. Police Force Colonel Valdoon (Conroy) protects the settlement from constant attacks by the mutants while Dr Sammy Helding (Strong) works to help humanity recover. Island City was a pilot for a never-made Television series, so little is resolved by the film's conclusion. Conroy is still best known as the voice actor for most animated versions of Batman. [GSt]


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