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Jordan, Zack

(?   -    ) US Videogame creator, singer/songwriter and author who has released games and music as U S Killbotics. In his first novel, The Last Human (2020), which is set seemingly millennia hence, a young human is raised by a spiderlike being on a Space Habitat in orbit around a gas planet very far from Earth; young Sarya the Daughter is in fact the last human (see Last Man) alive, homo sapiens having been destroyed by galaxy-wide consensus, because we are incapable of controlling our greed and aggression. Sarya is soon swept into an Faster-Than-Light-enabled Fantastic Voyage through various extremely complex, high-baroque Space Opera venues, encountering vast Starships on missions, group minds (see Hive Minds), a few species perceptible as experiencing Transcendence, Living Worlds and much else. Sarya is smart, but the levels of Intelligence revealed (or half-revealed) by the civilizations of the galaxy are persuasively rendered by Jordan as being beyond her comprehension. Her animal uniqueness may, as in tales of this sort, be a key to setting things right. [JC]

Zack Jordan

born Chicago, Illinois



Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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