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Justice, Keith L

(1949-2004) US journalist, teacher and bibliographer, active for many years (until his accidental death) as a reporter for various Ohio papers; though not a fiction writer, he did publish one story of genre interest, "The Symbol Hunter" in Unearth for Spring 1977. To the field of sf Bibliography he contributed two titles, both useful when released though inevitably superseded: Science Fiction Master Index of Names (1987); and the competently annotated Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Reference: An Annotated Bibliography of Works about Literature and Film (1989). The latter is incomplete, perhaps deliberately so, omitting some seminal works like "333" (1953 chap) by Joseph H Crawford Jr et al, or Philip Babcock Gove's The Imaginary Voyage in Prose Fiction (1941), or Marjorie Hope Nicolson's Voyages to the Moon (1948). The conspectus Justice delivers is a revealing portrait of the state of the art at the time. [JC]

Keith Leroy Justice

born Marion, Ohio: 23 December 1949

died near Union, Mississippi: 27 February 2004 [automobile accident]

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