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Kagan, Norman

(1943-    ) US film researcher and author whose occasional sf stories – from "The Mathenauts" for If in July 1964 through "Counter Ecology" (in Tomorrow Today, anth 1975, ed George Zebrowski) – have sometimes dealt vigorously and amusingly with Mathematics as a subject, and tend to feature extroverted mathematicians as protagonists in Cold War contexts. Kagan also wrote The Cinema of Stanley Kubrick (1972; exp 1989) In a letter to the editor (Summer 1984 SF Review [see Richard E Geis]), Kagan presented a "unified genres theory" based on the tragic/heroic mode, the moralizing mode and the comic/ironic mode, though he does not present any argument as to how these modes interact. [JC/MA]

see also: Dimensions; Fantastic Voyages.

Norman Kagan

born 1943




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