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Kanbe Musashi

Pseudonym of Jun Sakagami (1948-    ), Japanese author and sometime Radio host whose work often crosses over into the absurd. A graduate in Sociology from the Kansai Academy, he went to work in advertising after college. His short story debut "Kessen: Nippon Series" ["Battle: Japan Series"] (January 1975 S-F Magazine) was a Satire in which the sporting rivalry between two Baseball teams is taken to violent extremes. He became a contributor to Yasutaka Tsutsui's fanzine Neo Null the following year, and soon became a full-time author, heavily influenced not only by Tsutsui but also by other Japanese writers, unlike his elders, who were more often influenced by American authors in translation.

He won a Seiun Award for his first novel Saikoro Tokkōtai ["Dice Commando"] (1976), which lampooned the use of risk assessment in crisis management. Many other books satirize corporate decision-making and Newspeak, including the short stories of Junkai Sennōban ["Roving Brainwash Squad"] (coll 1983) and his book of religious essays Rikutsu wa Rikutsu, Kami wa Kami ["Theory is Theory, God is God"] (coll 2005)

In the twenty-first century, his output slowed to occasional books for the children's and Young Adult markets as he devoted his time to appearances on a radio talk-show that aired every weekday. His Miracle Sannen, Kaki Hachinen ["Three Years' Miracles, Eight Years' Persimmons"] (2010) chronicles his experience of juggling a writer's life with the demands of rolling news and media celebrity. [JonC]

Jun Sakagami

born Kanazawa, Japan: 16 January 1948





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