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Kaplan, Carter

(1960-    ) US academic and author of Critical Synoptics: Menippean Satire and the Analysis of Intellectual Mythology (2000) which – over and above its unexpected conflation of Menippean Satire and the philosophical investigations of Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) – interestingly questions the ascendency of academic criticism-from-above over more intimate – what he calls synaesthesiacal – criticism on the part of critics who begin with the texts themselves, and focus on the complexly questioning relationship of texts to the world into which they are embedded and with which they interact. His novel, Tally-Ho, Cornelius! (2008), is of sf interest for its transaction of the Jerry Cornelius quarter of Michael Moorcock's Multiverse, with Jerry Cornelius reappearing in the unlikely guise of an Anglican theologian in twenty-first-century New York. Diogenes (2011) is a story in the form of a play, set in Atlantis and hinting that the Greeks knew something of Genetic Engineering.

In 2011 Kaplan founded an Original Anthology sequence beginning with Emanations (anth 2011). Each volume typically contains a combination of fiction, poetry and speculative nonfiction, the latter section including several essays by Donald M Hassler, who along with Moorcock and others was on the editorial board from its inception. A repeated self-descriptive tag – "A Journal Dedicated to the Art of Ecstasy and the Ecstasy of Experiment" – does not fully represent the range of transgressive and/or dithyrambic material on offer (see Fantastika; Postmodernism and SF). Some figures whose careers began with the 1960s New Wave, including Michael Butterworth and Robert Meadley (1947-    ), have contributed stories to the series.

Fantasy Worlds (anth 2014) is a reprint anthology aimed at college and university students, whose contributors include (in contents-list order) Homer, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Percy Bysshe Shelley, George Orwell, H G Wells, H P Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. [JC/DRL]

Carter Kaplan

born Lexington, Kentucky: 15 April 1960



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