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Keyes, Thom

Working name of US-born screenwriter and author Thomas Francis Keyes (1942-?1995), raised in the UK but also active in Hollywood, who began to publish work of genre interest with "Period of Gestation" for Science Fantasy #67, September/October 1964. He also scripted an episode of Space: 1999 in 1976. Of his novels, All Night Stand (1966) is a hyperbolic rock-band novel that verges on the fantastic; The Battle of Disneyland (1974), also hyperbolic, depicts a Post-Holocaust Los Angeles (see California), and the calving of California from the continent; and The Second Coming (1979) applies the tools of sf Satire, without excessive energy, to a Near-Future America couched in terms of a life of Jesus reborn (see Religion). [JC]

Thomas Francis Keyes

born Sutter, California: 4 August 1942

died ?1995 [this date has been given but has not been confirmed]



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