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Kjelgaard, Jim

(1910-1959) US author, usually of adventure novels for children, most of them about animals or set in the natural world, of which Fire-Hunter (1951) is of interest as a competent example of Prehistoric SF; the protagonist of the tale responds to challenge with several culture-transformative Inventions. He wrote some stories, probably all horror, for Weird Tales, plus one collaboration with his close friend Robert Bloch in the same magazine: Bloch implies in his autobiography Once Around the Bloch (1993) that Bloch had rewritten and sold the stories that appeared under Kjelgaard's name. For The Hunter Returns (1991) with David Drake, which is an expanded rewrite of Fire-Hunter, see his collaborator. [JC]

James Arthur Kjelgaard

born New York: 6 December 1910

died Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 12 July 1959



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