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Kornher-Stace, Nicole

(1983-    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Pieces of Scheherazade" in Zahir for March 2006; her first novel, Desideria (2008), though it resists generic fixing, presents its Amnesia-afflicted protagonist (see Women in SF) in a manner typical of twenty-first century Fantastika. The Winter Triptych (2011 chap) though similarly challenging in its handling of material, is most easily understood as fantasy. The Young Adult Archivist Wasp Saga sequence beginning with Archivist Wasp (2015), though indescribable in traditional sf terms, does locate its Ruined Earth domain within a recognizable medieval context (see Medieval Futurism), and its young protagonist's painful relationship with a "ghost" – who may be a Technologically-enhanced warrior or even Cyborg from the deep past – opens rifts of insight into the future. In Latchkey (2018), menaces from Earth's past, and from the waste lands surrounding the cast's occupation of a Zone of relative safety, pose expected threats.

A singleton, Firebreak (2021) is set in a Near Future Dystopian America run by a vast corporation whose seeming focus on an online Wargame disguises the fact that the super-soldiers featured are in fact victimized children. [JC]

Nicole Kornher-Stace

born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1983



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