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Laumer, March

(1923-2000) US author, brother of Keith Laumer, whose first novel, The Time Machine That Never Got Past First Base: A Laugh-in at the Future? (1968 Hong Kong) as by Felix Severance (the name of a character from his brother's earlier A Plague of Demons), is a spoof Satire on Time Travel stories (see also Baseball); later novels, some as by Xavier Zanthus, were similar light-hearted. In his later life, under his own name, Laumer published a number of volumes set in the Oz universe of L Frank Baum, though it is not known if they were authorized; for this reason, and because they were self-published, and because some of them reportedly exhibit slash/fiction characteristics, they are listed below with caution. [JC]

March Laumer

born Birmingham, Alabama: 17 August 1923

died Lund, Sweden: 12 January 2000




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