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Lee, Sharon

(1952-    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "A Matter of Ceremony" (May 1980 Amazing). Almost all her further work has been in collaboration with Steve Miller, their main endeavour being the extended Liaden Universe sequence of Space Opera tales, set in expansive (though not adventurously described) interstellar venues. The first three titles, Agent of Change (1988), Conflict of Honors (1988) and Carpe Diem (1989), are closely linked adventure tales featuring an interstellar agent on the loose; the heroine of the sequence is a Starship crewperson who undergoes, along with her male partner, various travails in her quest to become a pilot. As the series progresses, its depiction of the interrelations between the Liaden and Terran civilizations becomes more and more focused on patterns of behaviour through the prism of romance: marriages, contemplated and actual, are not infrequent. The authors' other series [for details see Checklist] mix sf and fantasy, weighted toward the latter. [JC]

Sharon Lee

born Baltimore, Maryland: 11 September 1952



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