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Lewis, Leon

Working name of US author Julius Warren Lewis (1833-1920), who called himself "the Dumas of America", and who recorded himself on census returns as Leon Lewis; much of his early work was done in collaboration with his wife, the romance author Harriet Lewis (1841-1878). Amongst his many dime novels (see Dime-Novel SF), he is known to have written two Lost-Race tales: The Diamond Seeker of Brazil (1891), set in Brazil, and Andrée at the North Pole: With Details of his Fate (first appeared 1898 New York World; 1899), whose protagonist reaches deep into the Arctic in search of the land of Polaria, first via Balloon and then in a very advanced Airship stolen from a Polarian expedition. He eventually arrives at a clement enclave whose citizens, a white-skinned race of ancient lineage, benefit from many Inventions beyond the grasp of the protagonist. [JC]

Julius Warren Lewis

born Southington, Connecticut: 8 April 1833

died Winstead, Connecticut: 28 October 1920



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