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Lockwood, Ingersoll

(1841-1918) US lawyer and author whose Baron Trump sequence is an unusually Equipoisal mixture of sf and fantasy, even at a time before the use of commonly adhered-to distinctions between these modes of the fantastic, in a manner that anticipates L Frank Baum's inspired opportunism in the Oz books. The sequence comprises The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar (1890) and Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey (1893), the latter being a Fantastic Voyage into the Hollow Earth, where domains of various surreally described races are found, including the Transparent Folk and the Rattlebrains. The Extraordinary Experiences of Little Captain Dopplekop on the Shores of Bubblehead (1892) and Wonderful Deeds and Doings of Little Giant Boab and His Talking Raven Tabib (1891), both similar to the Trump books, also involved Fantastic Voyages; the young protagonist of the latter benefits from his abnormal strength. 1900: Or, the Last President (1896 chap) is a Near Future political Satire in which New York and soon enough the entire country is taken over by a demagogue, ending democracy in America.

As lawyer for Mrs Margarette Todd, who died under suspicious circumstances in 1905 soon after changing her will in order (it seems) to exclude him, Lockwood was in conflict with a second lawyer, George Gordon Hastings (almost certainly the author George Gordon Hastings), who represented (and later married) Todd's daughter, herself married to Frank Tousey, and who had become the beneficiary of her mother's substantial estate as well as the Tousey publishing enterprise. [JC]

Ingersoll Lockwood

born Ossining, New York: 2 August 1841

died Saratoga Springs, New York: 30 September 1918



Baron Trump

individual titles


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