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Mahr, Kurt

Pseudonym of German physicist and author Klaus Mahn (1934-1993), mostly resident in the US from 1962; he began to publish (yet untranslated) sf tales as early as 1959, but remains best known as a principal writer from 1961 until his death for the vast Space Opera series and subseries published under the Perry Rhodan rubric, his contributions showing a bent toward Hard SF, specifically Physics, though he died (a pedestrian fatality in a car crash) before Perry Rhodan story-arcs began fully to explore distant galaxies and Cosmologies. Mahr contributed several hundred titles to the series; we list English translations only at this point; unless otherwise registered, each title given in the Checklist incorporates one novella plus additional material. [JC]

Klaus Mahn

born Frankfurt am Main, Germany: 8 March 1934

died Melbourne Beach, Florida: 27 June 1993



Perry Rhodan (highly selected; English translations only at this point)


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